Event Participation
  • Make a wish event monthly birthday celebrations at Divya Disha provides an opportunity to personally interact with kids. Interested Volunteers can join the event and make it a success.

  • We visit various organizations every month. You can join the team and help us.

  • If you have specific skills in music, singing, dancing, painting, let us know we together can make use of these skills for those kids who are need of some helping hands in the areas of their interest.

  • We might need your help in coordinating an event with the various organizations we are working for, provide us your email id/ contact information so that we can contact you if and when required.

Make a Wish

  • We at TrueIndia stepped forward together for birthdays of the children and fulfilling their birthday wishes. We started off at Divya Disha in July 2013 with a plan of celebrating kids birthdays at the end of every month with a nice cake, few gifts and lots of love for $35.00(approx 1500/-) a month.
For details please contact us at info@trueindia.org to know the month availability or any information.

Sponsor a child
  • Sponsor one girl’s education at CSS Free English Medium School by donating Rs. 6,200/year which includes food, clothing, educational and other incidental expenditures.
  • Sponsor one kid’s education at Yagna Foundation by donating $275.00 a year which includes food, clothing, educational and other incidental expenditures.
For details please contact us at info@trueindia.org


Becoming a mentor for a kid is a great way to give back to the community and to help a child prepare for future. Mentors are an important part of every child’s life; whether you are a friend, pastor, counselor or relative, your influence and guidance helps to shape a life.

We require volunteers who are enthusiastic and can help the children bring out their talents. So if you are thinking of mentoring and are not aware of where and when to start, one of these could be your starting point.


  • Teaching
  • Latent Talent Development ( Dance, Singing, Painting etc)
Institutional Care
  • Counseling, spending time with children.
  • English Conversation.
  • Academic support.
Special Unit for differently-abled children( or special kids)
  • Spend time with children; introduce them in learning process.
  • Training in creative exercises.
You can take us along to the places you visit and tell the people you meet about TrueIndia. You can help us reach more and more people by spreading the word.

Spreading the word
  • Blogs & Social Networks:
    Promote TrueIndia in your social networking profile such as Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and ask your friends to follows us.

  • You can update your friends on the progress of Trueindia's projects and promote fundraising events.

  • Follow TrueIndia blogs and share your feedback with us.

  • You can also send your writing to us. For more details, please e-mail us at info@trueindia.org

Get Involved

Q. Who can be a volunteer ?

Any one

  • Who has genuine interest in spending time with children.
  • Who has willingness to invest few hours every week/month.
  • Who can abide code of conduct for volunteers by TrueIndia.
  • Who can assist in Spreading the word for our organization so that we can reach out to more people and function efficiently.
Q. Will my single / individual voice help the countless others to build pressure for change? 
Yes, YOUR VOICE counts! It might take time but the change that it brings about is permanent and positive.

Q. How many times a week does one need to volunteer? / Can I volunteer part time?
Most volunteer activities take place on the weekends, and many allow for work to be done in your own time (research/ studies/ networking online/ updating the volunteer group etc). Most of our volunteers are full time employees or students who manage their volunteer action as per their convenience.

Q. To be a volunteer with TrueIndia what do I need to do?
Share with us your contact details and interest areas in volunteering.
Email or Write to us: info@trueindia.org
Call us: India: 040-64632346; USA- (785) 214-1834 (or) (859) 229-1049.
We would be happy to talk in detail and it will give you an idea of who we are, what we do and what YOU can do as a TrueIndia volunteer.

Join us in our efforts towards better welfare of underprivileged children to build a Developed India.

"There is a tremendous strength that is growing in the world through... sharing together, praying together, suffering together, and working together." - Mother Teresa

Contributions towards PRIYADARSHINI Voluntary Organization

Priyadarshini Voluntary Organization is an NGO started by a group of committed entrepreneurs who support the education of girls. They support education, living and all round development of over 200 needy Students.

TI has taken up the responsibility of sponsoring 10 kids for the academic year 2015-2016.

Contributions towards YAGNA Foundation

Yagna foundation is an NGO started by a group of committed doctors with a vision "to re-establish the past glory of our country. Their staunch belief is that the glory of an individual and the nation in turn is possible only through proper education." They support education, living and all round development of around 60 needy Students.

TI has taken up the responsibility of sponsoring 33 kids for the academic year 2015-2016.
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