Make a wish (July 2013 to Present)

'Birthday' - For the world it might be just one other day but for every kid it is the most awaited day of the year; the day they feel they are very special to their family and friends. But if we think over, is it the same for children on the streets or in orphanages? Surely, there are many out there who don't even know their birthdays.

TrueIndia stepped forward to celebrate birthdays of those children who can’t afford to wish. TrueIndia started off ‘Make a wish’ in July 2013 with a plan of celebrating birthdays of the children at Divya Disha homes at the end of every month with a nice cake, few gifts and lots of love. Divya Disha is voluntary organization that had been working towards child protection since 1987. Occasionally, cultural activities are conducted at Divya Disha during the visits of TrueIndia volunteers every month. ‘Make a wish’- our effort to light up little faces-  later also served as a platform for unveiling talents of the children in DivyaDisha homes.

Acknowledging TrueIndia’s work DivyaDisha representative Dr. Ch. Ramesh babu says- "This generous gesture and support from you has become a source of joy and happiness for the children of both homes as they cherish their birthday and your association with gratitude."

Divya Disha

Divya Disha is a voluntary organization that works for the empowerment of children and youth.

Divya disha has 2 homes with a capacity of 100 children in each (Balaniketa - boys, Balikaniketan - girls) where they are provided food, clothes, safe environment, restoring the childhood in children besides instilling in them values of independence and decision-making, education and social values and financial self-dependence in their journey towards getting back into the mainstream of society.

Thanking TrueIndia, a Divya Disha representative, Swapna Franswah says “Santosh's folks and friends spent the day at Divya Disha interacting with the kids and staff. Thanks a ton and God bless each one of you!!”

Assorted causes

Natural Calamity Funding- Floods (October 2009)

In October 2009, the state of Andhra Pradesh faced worst ever floods in the near history of 100 years. Hundreds of villages have completely drowned in the floods. With the help of our sponsors, associate charity organizations at the local, regional, and global levels, we targeted to serve Sherpally village, Mahboobnagar district, which was completely submerged for a few days under Krishna floods.

The Sherpally Village - Most of the villagers are landless labourers who were without livelihood for the previous ten days. They were spending their time completely on repairing their houses, removing slush and trying to salvage whatever remained after the flood waters receded. On the night of the flood, most of the villagers fled the village, they did not have time to lock their houses or pick up even an extra pair of clothing. Our team delivered rice, vegetables, grocery, ladles, biscuit packets, and notebooks at their village.

TrueIndia is glad that our collaborative efforts with Sphoorti and other associate organizations (Manavatha, HARD & VASSORD), had immediate and longer-term impact on thousands of lives.

Contributions towards PRIYADARSHINI Voluntary Organization

Priyadarshini Voluntary Organization is an NGO started by a group of committed entrepreneurs who support the education of girls. They support education, living and all round development of over 200 needy Students.

TI has taken up the responsibility of sponsoring 10 kids for the academic year 2015-2016.

Contributions towards YAGNA Foundation

Yagna foundation is an NGO started by a group of committed doctors with a vision "to re-establish the past glory of our country. Their staunch belief is that the glory of an individual and the nation in turn is possible only through proper education." They support education, living and all round development of around 60 needy Students.

TI has taken up the responsibility of sponsoring 33 kids for the academic year 2015-2016.
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