TrueIndia turns 5 on April 10th 2014:
TrueIndia is extremely happy to share this year's newsletter on the occasion of its fifth anniversary. Channeled over 14 phases of donations to NGO's – DivyaDisha, Yamini, CSS, Amma foundation, Yagna foundation, Spread Internatonal,Sphoorti and Aalambana impacting over 510 kids through more than 130 sponsors. Support Us – "For a better future of an underprivileged child in India"
Support Us – "For a better future of an underprivileged child in India"

By Supporting Us:
  • You will help in fostering a child's future.
  • Help them in improving the living, education and health conditions.
  • Nurture them to become independent, responsible and better citizens.

A glimpse of the milestones for the year 2013-14
TI has been sponsoring education for 63 kids

Yagna foundation - 33 kids
Center for Social Services - 20 kids
Spread International - 5 kids
Individual Kids - 5 (Primary school-2, Secondary school-1, Intermediate -2)
TI now has a Board, which consists of 14 active core members, and a database of 40 volunteers, varying from professionals and students.

Make a Wish at Divya Disha(DD)
We are glad to inform that TI has successfully completed 4.5 years of celebrating birthdays of kids at DD every month since its inception in Aug 2009. As a part of the birthday celebrations, we are organizing science experiments and conducting activities that will enhance inter personal skills. Looking at their interest and caliber, TI is sure that these kids will achieve greater heights in future.
Symbiosis with Other Organizations
Center for Social Services

CSS is a voluntary, not for profit, NGO working for the down trodden and under privileged young girls of our society.

TrueIndia is contributing for the education of 20 kids from this organization since 2011. We have been in constant touch with CSS knowing about each and every kid's progress.

We are glad to let you know that two of the 20 sponsored kids are doing extremely well in their academics and have been double promoted in last academic year.
Yagna Foundation

Yagna foundation is an NGO started by a group of committed doctors with a vision "to re-establish the past glory of our country. Their staunch belief is that the glory of an individual and the nation in turn is possible only through proper education." They support education, living and all round develpoment of 56 needy Students.

TI has taken up the responsibility of sponsoring 33 kids for the academic year 2013-2014.

SPREAD International

SPREAD International (Society for the Promotion of Rural Education and Development International) aims to provide under-privileged children across the globe with an opportunity to gain access to the lifelong gift of education.It’s located in Balemla, GajapathiNagaram, Suryapet, Andhra Pradesh.

TI has taken up the responsibility of sponsoring 5 kids for the academic year 2013-2014.

A Salute to our Volunteers
Our Indian volunteers thrive with passion and work together as a team building camaraderie among our members. As a team they have displayed imaginative use of original ideas to achieve our mission. The bond that we share further inspires us to work hard in our efforts. We will continue the same trend and make TI as a well-established nonprofit organization that flourishes in the coming years. The time that you have invested in volunteering can never be valued and is priceless. "THANK YOU".

"TI truly could not reach as many children and achieve as much as it did without your commitment." KUDOS!

All the milestones that have been achieved so far by TrueIndia could not have been possible without people's support. We are truly indebted to all our well wishers who have trusted us. You are our strength and future.

We also thank all the organizations who have been a part of our growth and believe that you will continue the same support in the future.

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